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Azulejos are a Portuguese form of art. Ceramic tiles are painted with all kind of scenes, usually in blue (azul) paint. This form of art can be found inside, as well as outside houses, churches and other buildings. The word ‘azulejos’ originates from the Arab ‘al zulaydj’. The Portuguese word ‘azul’ possibly stems from this word again. The Moors imported the art of painting polished tiles to Portugal from Persia and in the 18th century these tiles were imported mainly from Holland; Dutch Delftware, painted with Portuguese scenes. And of course blue is also the colour of the sky, the ocean and the small fishing boats lying in the harbours.

Azulejos is situated on the first floor of Cas al Cubo. The room has two single beds, which can be put together. The en-suite bathroom has a shower, washbasin and toilet. The spacious terrace faces north and is accessible through a large sliding door. The terrace has comfortable chairs, a table, a parasol and a hammock. Even in the hottest months of the year the temperature here remains pleasant.